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World Book Night – last chance to vote today!

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If you haven’t already, today is the deadline to submit your top ten nominations for next year’s World Book Night giveaway via the World Book Night website.

So, if you’d like to see The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency or any other Alexander McCall Smith title in the final list of the nation’s favourite 25 books, then register on the site now and get choosing your ten best reads. Once you register, you can discuss your books, make recommendations and share your top ten with others.

Alexander McCall Smith is a supporter of World Book Night and recently chose his top twenty books for Foyles – you can read his article here:

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  1. Chris says:

    Is there to be no Corduroy Mansions in the Telegraph this year? Since the demise of the AMC forum, I have no way of keeping up with other fans and details of what will and won’t be published… this ‘blog’ does not encourage the same flow of information.
    I wish the administrators of this blog would bring back the forum.
    I did suggest this to them before but they did not agree

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