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Have you caught up with events at Scotland Street yet?

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The latest instalment of Alexander McCall Smith’s Scotland St series is out now in paperback and there are startling developments afoot in the lives of Edinburgh’s most eccentric – and loveable – residents!

Click here to find out more (including what young Bertie is up to now), and to read the first chapter for free click here.

And in more exciting Scotland Street news, The Scotsman newspaper has just announced that the series is to be turned into a stage play, to be perfomed at the fringe at this year’s Edinburgh festival. See here for more details.

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11 comments on this article to-date:

  1. Maggie Whalley says:

    I would really love to know when the next instalment of the 44 Scotland Street will the released? They are my favorite books and I cant wait!!

  2. Brenda Spillane says:

    I have just finished The Unbearable Lightness of Scones – another wonderful book about the characters of Scotland Street. These books are such a joy and now I’m off to get The Importance of Being Seven. Poor Bertie, is he ever going to escape therapy !!!!
    Thank you for these books, haven’t forgotten Isobel and when can we have another book about Freddie Delahaye of Corduroy Mansions???
    Huge fan, keep writing please :)

  3. Lu Culp says:

    Where-o-where can I purchase a Bertie linen towel?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Lu,

    I had no idea this was even possible, but I have found such an item! Though it is a tea towel rather than a linen towel.

  5. Lorian Jones says:

    What happened to the 44 Scotland Street series that was supposed to start in the Scotsman in January?

  6. Anna Green says:

    I absolutely adore 44 Scotland Street.
    Poor Bertie, I want to start a “Set Bertie Free” campain (hee hee)I want to shake Irene and tell her to let this wee boy be exactly that. And dont get me started on Stuart, come on man, step up to the gate and get your overbearing wife told. Bertie project…indeed.
    Cant wait for the next one.

  7. Deborah says:

    I do hope you will continue the 44 Scotland Street series! I have all of the books, loved reading them consecutively, and really miss everyone! So please do publish more about my “friends” at 44 Scotland Street (they felt like friends!) Thank you.

  8. John Osborn says:

    Please may we learn more of the folk from Scotland Street. I find it hard to be left without knowledge of their progress or otherwise. It cannot be fair that only dogs have gold teeth! I have some unusual cats, one of whom who would love one!

  9. Maria Nickerson says:

    I just read “Importance of Being Seven” and have started “Bertie plays the Blues”.
    At the end of “Seven” Bertie stays overnight with farmers after the fishing trip. I was expecting outrage from mom Irene, but the event is never mentioned again.
    Also, in “Seven”, Pat and Elspeth get rid of Matthew’s assistant Kirsty. Yet in “Blues”, Matthew meets up with Pat for the first time in years.
    Did I miss a chapter? Or did the storyline get out of order?
    Have all the books! Am a huge fan! Thank you AMS for many hours of happy reading!

  10. Alan and Mavis says:

    Your fabulous work has even percolated to Australia! Thanks for many happy hours of reading!

  11. we are travelling to Edinburgh next year. where in Edinburgh can we purchase the Bertie Tea Towel?

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