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We’re excited to announce the release of the Alexander McCall Smith iPhone app, available to download now FREE for iPhone users.

The Alexander McCall Smith smartphone app is an innovative new platform designed to bring readers closer to their favourite author.

Launched alongside the new Botswana series paperback, The Double Comfort Safari Club, the app gives readers an immersive guide to the world of Mma Ramotswe and the places and characters made famous by the books.

The app features exclusive video interviews, bonus material, character portraits, location guides, chapter samples and much more!

It also includes a random quote generator – so you can receive a daily dose of Alexander McCall Smith’s wit and wisdom to your phone!

It will be updated for each new book released in 2011, so look out for more exclusive content with the launch of The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party in March and around new releases in the Scotland St, Corduroy Mansions and Sunday Philosophy Club series later this year.

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  1. Geraldine Swayze says:

    (As I typed in my name I thought “This looks like a name one might find for a character from one of McColl Smith’s novels.” :-)
    Love the idea of the app and am going to download it to my iphone.
    Thrilled to contemplate Bertie’s next adventure but like any Grandma I don’t want him to grow up because he is such a wonderful boy!

  2. Hi love your books and the idea of an app for IPhone and iPad.
    I have recently converted to kindle for iPad but would like to point out that the eBooks are slow in being released. As ebooks are increasingly the more popular format why are they not released first?
    Keep up the good work!

    Ewart Corrigan

  3. Mark Bigwood says:

    I grew up in Edinburgh just around the corner from the Trinity Terminus of the 23 bus. The Scotland Street stories feel very personal to me. Even more personal however was Berties description of the Rugby game between Steiners and Watsons which ended prematurely after Steiners conceded 84 points…I played in that very match!. I was at Steiners in the late 1960s and at 13 years old effectively played in the firsts as we only had one team. We were utterly thrashed every week. My ears still burn with shame at the memory of being derisively clapped through the players tunnel at the end of the game. Even when the opposition lent us a couple of strong players we bombed. Has Mr McCall Smith got an ex Steiner or Watsons friend, was he there himself, or is this fiction reinventing fact and purely coincidental ? Does he intend to mention Eurythmics, another excrutiating memory from my days in Spylaw Rd? Wonderful books, do keep them coming, many thanks.

  4. Elizabeth S M Stevens says:

    I felt excited until I realised it was only for the iPhone and not the iPad. Saw the play at the Fringe and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for all the pleasure you give through 44 Scotland St, we always look out for “crushed strawberry” trousers while in Stockbridge and surrounding area.

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